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Finnish Social Forum 2023 will take place in Arbis (Dagmarinkatu 3) in Helsinki on the 2th and 3th of September. The Social Forum includes discussions and workshops organized by various NGOs, CSOs, movements and activist groups.


Finnish Social Forum 2023

The two-day Finnish Social Forum 2023 consists of presentations, workshops and discussions in various combinations. The Social Forum aims to highlight global and local problems. This year the main theme of the Finnish Social Forum will be There are alternatives!

In these times, many feel deep frustration when facing the lack of alternatives in public debate and politics. The entire Social Forum movement started from the idea that an another world is possible: the movements diverse actors have been united by the belief in a fairer, more democratic and more equal world. The main theme of the upcoming fall event stems from these thoughts: right now it is the task of civil society to remind that there still are alternatives, we just have to bring them to the fore. Welcome!