Organisation of the Organisationless: From Social Networks to Political Parties?

Sunday 26th April 11.00-13.00 in Room 13  

Debate and discussion on different ways of organizing social struggles. Speakers include Rodrigo Nunes, Hanna Nikkanen and Teivo Teivainen.

Social forums, occupy events, various kinds of street protests from Cairo to Rio de Janeiro, Madrid and Istanbul are sites of recent democratic struggles. In this session, we will explore different ways of organizing these struggles. We will debate on the kinds of organization that we might see in the future.

We will ask what, if anything, the democracy movements can represent. How to think of the recent trend of some movements of the streets to become parties in the parliaments?

Rodrigo Nunes

Rodrigo Nunes

The main title of this session is taken from a new book by the Brazilian philosopher and activist Rodrigo Nunes, who will be our first speaker. Finnish journalist and writer Hanna Nikkanen as well as Teivo Teivainen, from the University of Helsinki, will also comment.

For more information: teivo.teivainen(at),  050 350 5120