English programme

The following seminars will be held in English (totally or partially)

21.4. klo 14  How can cultural associations engage with urban/social change?, Class 41, 4th floor

When can or should cultural associations hand over community-orientated projects to the local communities they are initiated with? Pixelache Helsinki and Linnalabor Tallinn discuss the organizational and participatory practices of engaging in one’s neighbourhood and the different economies involved. They will cover different citizen, volunteer, artistic and activist strategies, as well as grassroots community development in their recent work.

Järj. Pixelache Helsinki & Linnalabor, Tallinn.

Egypti – tulevaisuus avoinna, Juhlasali, 2nd floor.

In Egypt there were held free parliamentary elections in the turn of the year 2012. Islamistic parties got 70% of the seats in the parliament. Discussion bout the future of Egypt, and the challenges of its democratic development, researcher from peace and conflict resolution centre, TAPRI, Tuomo Melasuo, journalist Hanna Nikkanen and members of Develoment No Borders-movement in Egypt, Dina Aziz El-Maraghy ja Hassan A. Mosa. The event will be held in English. Lisätietoa

Organizers: Suomen Sadankomitea ry, Ydin-lehti ja SaferGlobe Finland. Juhlasali.