Paikallistaloustyöpaja – Do we need limit for wealth and wages?

Sunnuntai 27.4
klo 11 – 12.30, luokka 45

The Enron scandal in October 2001, that eventually led to the bankruptcy of the Enron Corporation, revealed several unethical practices that many companies use, for example accounting limitations to misrepresent earnings and modify the balance sheet to indicate favorable performance. Also the compensation and performance management system contributes to a dysfunctional and greedy corporate culture that has become obsessed with short-term earnings to maximize bonuses. Even in Finland, large companies owned and controlled directly by the Finnish government, have allowed a similar compensation system to build up. As long as economic power remains in the hands of large corporations we will not be able to implement policies which adequately protect the environment and benefit the people. This is the real “inconvenient truth”. Capitalism is swiftly becoming incompatible with human survival what to speak of human welfare. We need a new system which democratizes the economy, regulates the income and wealth disparities, and guards against the accumulation of wealth and power. This is PROUT – a new socio-economic theory based on compassion, sustainability and a realistic assessment of our current reality.

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