Paikallistaloustyöpaja – Decentralized economy and participatory democracy

Lauantai 26.4.
klo 16 – 17.30, luokka 45

Widespread economic recession shows that capitalism favors centralized economy. Individual countries are linked together and goaded by multinational corporations that affect even the national budget and decision making. This economy only serves the few while most citizens feel that their voice is not heard. The centralized economy and profit seeking by multinationals has led to widespread ecological imbalances and disasters, too. In order to combat against the centralized economy, the basic necessities should be produced locally and the local economy should be guided by local people. Decision making and policies should be formed in grass-root level, enabling the direct democracy. How does the decentralized economy work in global scale? In this workshop we try to find suitable forms of economic decentralization and self-sufficiency  that would benefit individual countries and safeguard their economy against depressions and recessions. How will decentralized economy protect the nature and restore ecological balance? What forms of reform are needed in Finland in order to make democracy more direct and participatory?

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